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Typical Cuisine

Genoese gastronomy, ean authentic expression of the Ligurian territory, offers a unique culinary experience, characterized by legumes, fish and wild herbs.
The recipes, influenced by the geomorphological peculiarities of the region, embrace both the flavors of the sea and those of the land.

Throughout history, Genoese cuisine has also adapted to the social context, creating authentic and irresistible dishes with simple ingredients, fresh vegetables, aromatic herbs and the abundant use of olive oil. The most famous of herbal condiments is undoubtedly Pesto, a delight not to be missed.

Explore the typical cuisine and delight your palate with the unique flavors of Genoa.

Pesto and Pesto Trofie

Enjoy the classic Genoese Pesto, an emulsion of basil, pine nuts, garlic, oil and parmesan cheese.

Perfect for seasoning any type of pasta (but tradition favors trofie), flavoring minestrone soups, enhancing focaccias, and even as a condiment on pizza. An authentic Genoese delicacy.

Recommended for: Lunch, dinner, snack

Pansotti with Walnut Sauce

Taste Pansotti, Ligurian ravioli filled with fresh herbs.
Their typical shape is generally a bundle, but it can change depending on the Ligurian location; It can also be found in a triangle or crescent shape.
The Genoese tradition wants them accompanied by a sauce of walnuts, prescinseua, and cheese.
An economical dish rich in Ligurian flavours.

Recommended for: Lunch, dinner


The Genoese Fugàssa is undoubtedly an icon of local gastronomy.
A golden focaccia with well-marked cavities that can be found in countless variations: with oil, cheese, potatoes, onions, olives, and even in the sweet version with Nutella.
The must try: dipped in cappuccino!

Recommended for: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack

Fried anchovies

Crispy Fried Anchovies are ideal as an appetizer, appetizer for aperitifs, or as a tasty street food to eat in paper bags along the shore.
The most famous variant locally is the stuffed one: “ancioe pinn-e frite”.
The Ligurian sea offers the perfect fish for this delight.

Recommended for: Lunch, snack, aperitif, dinner.


Chickpea farinata, or fainà in Genoese dialect, represents a masterpiece of Ligurian cuisine thanks to the few genuine ingredients it is made of: chickpea flour, water, extra virgin olive oil and salt.
Its roots lie in poor cuisine, at the time when wheat flour was a luxury.
It can be enjoyed in the Sciamadde, or ancient fry shops, but it is also easily found in typical Ligurian trattorias and as extraordinary street food.
The soft consistency of the dough and the upper crust make it extraordinarily delicious.

Recommended for: Lunch, dinner, snack

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