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The schools we thank

The role of some of the most important educational institutions is by no means marginal during the organisation of the event.
The Organising Committee in fact wanted to raise awareness among high schools to make them participate, through some tools that can enhance teaching within a concrete training reality.

With this in mind, it was decided to create a contest to identify a mascot for the promotion of the European Fencing Championships and a short promotional video to be distributed not only on social media but also on national and local TVs, on the European Championships and FIS, the Italian Fencing Federation, websites.

The schools identified to be able to experiment with this synergy are:
The Barabino-Klee Art Institute, for videos and Mascots.
The ISSS Firpo-Buonarroti Linguistic and Tourism institutes , to welcome the international Federations, as 45 nations will participate in the competition.
The Hotel Institute and the Martin Luther King State Sports High School  complete the list to support the success of the event.

Mascot Contest

In every international sport competition of any sporting discipline, the simplest way to advertise the event is to create a symbolic icon that identifies it: THE MASCOT

For the European Fencing Championships awarded to Genoa in 2025, the Organising Committee wants to promote a contest among final year students.

The contest to identify the mascot will be sponsored, so as to award the winner (and not only) with a tangible prize.

The theme will be illustrated to the students who participate and the Barabino – Klee institute will be provided with the contest rules as soon as they are drawn up by the Committee.

All possible figurative techniques, drawing, sculptures, three-dimensional computer graphics representations will be open.

The chosen Mascot will become the icon of the European Fencing Championships and will be presented together with the presentation of the best projects, in a press conference together with other similar initiatives with other schools.

We have received seven proposals, but only one will be the new Genova 2025 Mascot.
Vote for your favorite one!

Choose the proposal you prefer:

Follow the progress of the competition:

616 total votes.
The 3 Finalists: The Octopus obtained the highest number of votes (196), followed by the Anchovy (168 votes) and the Lantern (88 votes)

Videomaker Contest

Together with the contest for the Mascot, the Organising Committee would like to launch a contest of ideas to create one, or more, promotional videos, to promote the event both on social channels and on the website and on local and national TVs.

Given the ease of using videos for presentation on various digital platforms, the contest will reward the creation of one or more videos depending on the social media used, and which are of different complexity and length.

On Tik Tok for example, a short video shot with a smartphone is sufficient, so even younger classes of students can participate; the committee will therefore take into consideration for the promotional video a more advanced vision of shooting techniques, editing, colouring, music and team work.

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