Personalities of absolute prestige

The Honorary Committee

An unique passion: Fencing

Since the moment of candidacy, the Genoa 2025 European Fencing Championships have received the support and the contribution of various institutions which have supported the Local Organizing Committee in its efforts.

To formally recognize the role of these institutions and enhance their precious action, a very high-level Honorary Committee has been created which gives further prestige to the Championships both with formal involvement and active participation in some of the most symbolic moments of the event.

Below is the composition of the Honorary Committee which includes personalities of absolute prestige from the political, cultural, entrepreneurial and sporting world.

The Composition

Sports Councilor of the Liguria Region

Mayor of Genova

Sport and Tourism Association of the Municipality of Genoa

President of the FIE

President of the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI)

Vice President of Coni

President of the CONI Liguria

Referente Liguria Sport & Salute

President of the Italian Paralympic Committee (CIP)

President Cip Liguria

President of the Italian Master Fencing Association (AMIS)

President of the Italian District of the Panathlon International

President of the Panathlon Club Genova 1952

President of Costa Edutainment

Executive Vice President of ERG Spa

Confartigianato Sports Manager

Ombudsman of the Liguria Region

Col. F.T.Issmi Army

Army Military Command of Liguria Region

Sports Councilor of the Genova’s Curia

Firpo-Buonarroti Institute Project Contact

Principal of the M:L. King Institute

Barabino Klee Institute Project Contact

Barabino Klee Institute Project Contact

Honorary President of CONI Liguria

Undersecretary of State for Defence

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