Genoa 2025

The event

European Fencing Championships 2025 in Genoa: an epic battle on the Ligurian Sea!

Are you ready to witness an unprecedented fencing event, where the grace of the athletes will merge with history and culture?
In June 2025, Genoa will host the European Fencing Championships; a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the art and competitive spirit of this noble sport and discover the beauty of the Ligurian capital and its wonderful surroundings.

Top athletes

450 of the best fencers from all over Europe will battle for 6 days in a show of dexterity, agility and strategy on the 25 pistes set up in the splendid setting of the new Levante Waterfront: the Jean Nouvel pavilion.

Furthermore, the European Championships will be a fundamental opportunity to shine the spotlight on this sport also for the younger generations and, at the same time, to keep one of Italy’s historical traditions alive.

An international event

Genoa 2025 will be a celebration of cultural and sporting diversity.
Athletes from every corner of the continent will compete in a spirit of healthy competition and sportsmanship.

Events and entertainment

In addition to the competitions, the Championships will offer a series of connected events: competitions, workshops and activities to involve enthusiasts and curious people of all ages. Genoa will become the center of a cultural effervescence, where the art of fencing will merge with the beauty of the city and its institutions to support important themes such as inclusion and emancipation.

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