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Genoa: a mix of history, culture and leisure

Welcome to Genoa, the picturesque setting of the Italian Fencing Championships!
Whether you are a participating athlete or a passionate spectator of this important competition, it is the right opportunity to discover the fascinating mix of culture, gastronomy and historical attractions that this city has to offer.
Here’s what to see during your stay in Genoa.

Tourist and Cultural Attractions

Aquarium and Biosphere: The Genoa Aquarium, in the Porto Antico, houses over 6,000 marine specimens and hosts events and shows throughout the year.
Next door stands the Biosphere, a project by Renzo Piano, which offers a glimpse into a unique tropical ecosystem.

Galata Sea Museum and Submarine: The Galata Sea Museum, the largest maritime museum in the Mediterranean, tells the story of Genoa’s maritime history. In front it is possible to admire and visit the Nazario Sauro submarine.

Royal Palace Museum: A rich treasure chest of history and art for a journey through the centuries. With its fascinating collections, it offers a privileged glimpse into court life and artistic evolution, offering an immersive experience in the cultural richness of the city. The museum reveals the magnificence of Genoese history, capturing the essence of a noble and fascinating past.

Carlo Felice Theatre: Symbol of art and culture, it rises majestically in the heart of the city. With its imposing architecture and eclectic programming, the theater enchants lovers of the scene, welcoming them into an atmosphere of refinement and timeless beauty.

San Lorenzo Cathedral: with its grandeur and its Gothic style, it is a monument full of history and spirituality. It represents a compelling experience through the centuries, offering visitors a journey through time among its majestic columns and sacred works of art.

Palazzo Ducale: The exploration of the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa reveals a fascinating tale of the history and art of the Republic of Genoa, with its evocative architecture and precious works of art from the Renaissance period.

Palazzo dei Rolli: Renaissance treasure and UNESCO heritage. This complex of noble residences, dating back to the Renaissance, testifies to the elegance of the Genoese aristocracy thanks to the sumptuous rooms and period frescoes.

Shopping & Leisure

Porto Antico – La Lanterna – Spianata del Castelletto.
In the heart of the Old Port, the Lanterna shines, a Genoese symbol. The Bigo lift by Renzo Piano offers an enchanting view from Spianata Castelletto. Impossible to miss the opportunity to capture unforgettable moments and go shopping along the maritime promenade.

Historic Center – Via Garibaldi – Via XX Settembre and Eastern Market
The narrow streets of the historic center, declared a UNESCO heritage site, are an unmissable stop during your stay in Genoa.
Via Garibaldi is home to splendid historic homes with ancient charm and via XX Settembre, with its numerous shops, represents the hub of Genoese shopping.
In the middle, stands the Mercato Orientale, where you can savor many culinary specialties.

Carrugi and Church of the Annunziata The alleys of Genoa’s historic center, an intricate labyrinth of picturesque streets, transport visitors back in time.
In this evocative context, the Church of the Annunziata emerges as a baroque masterpiece, testimony to the rich and fascinating history of the city.
Exploring these alleys is a journey through centuries of tradition and culture, an experience that reveals the authentic and fascinating Genoa.

Boccadasse, with its charming fishing village and picturesque colorful houses overlooking the sea, offers a unique atmosphere.
This evocative corner of Genoa tells stories of seafaring tradition and peaceful life.
Exploring the streets of Boccadasse offers an authentic experience, where the sea cradles the ancient houses in an enchanting setting.
It is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing aperitif by the sea.

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